You have a story to tell.

Edmonds Press delights in seeing words that matter come to life. Fiction or non-fiction, we’re here to help your story make a difference in the world.

We specialize in working with first time authors, and we are not a pay-to-publish company. That means that if we publish your work, we believe that it is a conversation worth having.


New and Developing Writers

Writing your first book can be overwhelming! At Edmonds Press, we come alongside you to help you craft your work. Whether you are writing a memoir, history, fiction, or non-fiction, we’re here to help you develop the structure and cadence of your book. Even better, if you end up publishing with us, you never pay us for the book development process.

Accomplished and Returning Authors

If you have an excellent book ready to go, we might just be interested in working with you!

Upgrading Your Self-Published Work

If you previously self-published a book, we can help you determine whether it qualifies for our editorial services and republication. Whether it just needs new wrapping or needs a full overhaul, we are happy to help you in the process of updating your book and making it shine.

Starting Small

We also love short stories! Ask us about publishing your short-form work with Stories for Life. Authors and works that qualify get a chance to showcase their work and build their following.

What you can expect if you write with Edmonds Press

What We Do
  • We do view books as a form of art.
  • We do see our authors, illustrators, designers, and editors as artists, and we respect their craft.
  • We do take on projects we believe in.
  • We do support our developing authors in helping their book be the best it can be.
  • We do have honest conversations with authors whose books aren’t a good fit for our brand and help them on their journey toward publishing elsewhere.
  • We do partner with our authors in marketing their work, and we make an effort to get their books placed well.
  • We do give our authors five free copies of their book, better than standard author rates on their personal purchase of the next 95 copies of their books, and a good discount on the rest.
What We Don't Do
  • We do not let you pay to publish your book. All of our books meet our editorial standards. If we don’t think your book has what it takes, we don’t publish it.
  • We do not limit our author pay to the standard 10% royalty.
  • We do not take on projects just to make money. Of course we always want our books to be commercially successful. However, our triple bottom line means we are always looking for the best impact in terms of people, profit, and planet.
  • We do not print giant runs of your book and then threaten to destroy the remainders unless you buy them. Whenever possible we use print-on-demand and limited volume short runs. We don’t make as much on each book, but it’s better for the environment and better for our authors.
What You Can Expect if You Write with Us
  • New and Developing Authors: You can expect us to engage you in a rigorous process of evaluating your writing and then working with you in an iterative process of improving your project. If, at the end of that process, we believe the book has promise and is a fit for Edmonds Press, there is no bill. Instead, we take on the costs of publishing the book with our royalty advantage program. If at the end of the creative process, you and we decide not to publish together, projects are billed at our agreed-on rate with no surprises and with a complete release to use any work we co-created with you.
  • Upgrading Authors: if you have already self-published or otherwise written a work that you hold the copyright to, you can expect us to give an honest upfront assessment of the level of work needed to make your book shine. For authors who are committed to their projects, we can come alongside and engage the process of iterating, designing, and publishing your book.
  • Accomplished and Returning Authors: If you have high quality projects ready to go, you can expect frank feedback from a publishing partner that cares about your success.
  • Ready to Begin? Click below for a no-obligation evaluation of your project. You will submit a sample of your writing, describe your project, and learn more about the financial options. Naturally, we reserve the right to refuse any projects we don’t think are a good fit for us.